Power Sort Photo Organizing Boxes by Kelly Donovan

One of my favorite photo organizer tools is the Power Sort Box by Creative Memories. They have a new medium size box that has 6 removable compartments and holds 1200 photos up to 5x7 in size. (Currently there is also a large size with 12 compartments/2400 photos - and a mini size with 3 sections/600 photos - WSL.) You can see these boxes in many of the PPO "after" photos!

I love this box! It's such a simple concept, and yet revolutionary - in that you can organize your photos and move the compartments around if needed. The idea is to touch the photos once and not have to resort and shuffle them around. This makes is VERY easy to organize a huge pile or box or bag of photos in one sitting. Really - you must try one!

For "do it yourselfers" you can find them on my personal website www.mycmsite.com/kdonovan  Look for the Power Sort Box under Organizers. You can order them and have them delivered to your door. What are you waiting for?

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